New Arcades: Main Event (KS); T3 Arcade (KS);

arcadehero November 4, 2016 0
New Arcades: Main Event (KS); T3 Arcade (KS);

Kansas doesn’t show up too often on our arcade radar but it is the showcase today. Thanks to Jordan F. for the tip and some of the pics!

New Arcade Venues: Main Event (Olathe, KS)

Main Event is a chain of FECs that features bowling, food, arcade games and more. Like other major arcade chains, they have been expanding operations by opening up more venues – the latest is in Olathe, KS. From the pictures Jordan supplied, it is heavy on redemption equipment but you can spy arcade titles like: Batman, Guitar Hero Arcade, Super Alpine Racer, World’s Largest Pac-Man and more. Click on the pics below to a larger view:

maineventfront mainevent2 mainevent3 mainevent4 mainevent5 mainevent6 mainevent7

T3 Arcade Now Open In Lenexa, KS

For a new bar/arcade with a strong focus on gaming, the T3 Arcade has you covered. Games include: America’s Army, Galaga Assault,  Pac-Man Battle Royale, Spiderman Pinball, Star Trek Pinball (Stern), Star Wars Starfighter and more. They also have a VR setup, home console gaming and of course food and drinks. You can check out their Facebook page here.


If you live near these businesses, drop by and give them your support! If you hear about any other new arcade venues opening their doors, please let us know so we can mention them!

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