Sega Updates: Luigi’s Mansion Arcade; Initial D Zero; Daytona Championship USA

arcadehero February 14, 2017 0

Just a quick update here coming out of the weekend. JAEPO 2017 is behind us and I don’t think that we have missed anything major but if something else comes up, we’ll let you know. Sega has had a couple of updates worth noting so let’s give them a quick glance.

New Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Trailer

To be honest, it is a little strange when you see new promotional materials for games that have been on the market for a little while. Strange because in this industry, most promotion tends to happen around launch, then you don’t tend to hear about a game again unless there’s a major update or a trade show. Sega Amusements is doing something a little different with Luigi’s Mansion Arcade (released this past Summer) with this new promotional trailer. The features may not be news to those who have been following this one but I think it is good to keep reaching out as not everyone will have heard of something when it is released:

Sega Booth At JAEPO 2017 (Initial D Zero; Soul Reverse)

You’ll get a little more out of this is you understand French however if you just want to see some Initial D Zero and Soul Reverse being played, it will still work. Soul Reverse sort of reminds me of Sega’s Quest of D from about 10 years ago. I’m sure there’s some influence there. More details on that have been published to the official website for the game. Here’s the video:

New Daytona Championship USA Cabinet Shot

I just noticed this on the European side of the Sega Amusements website – a photo showing eight units linked together for the upcoming Daytona. One change from the IAAPA cabinet build I played is the ‘Hornet’ sticker on the back of the seat (EAG also saw the red dashboard instead of silver). We have a lot more information on this one coming soon but hang tight. Hopefully before Amusement Expo 2017. That event is only a month away from now where I expect the very near final version of the game to make an appearance. I will be there so will be able to compare. Click on the image below to engorge it

Daytona Championship USA 8 Player Arcade

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