Cineplex Rec Room to open several large Entertainment Centers across Canada in 2017 and beyond

SaraAB87 March 9, 2017 0
Cineplex Rec Room to open several large Entertainment Centers across Canada in 2017 and beyond

Cineplex, a popular Canadian entertainment brand based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada, is set to open 10-15 large entertainment centers called Rec Room in 2017 and beyond. Cineplex is a popular brand of movie theaters in Canada that is expanding more into the entertainment industry. Cineplex bills their new entertainment centers as “social playgrounds for adults and children”, a kind of Dave and Busters type concept. These locations seem to feature more entertainment options than Dave & Busters offers in the states, while its unfair to compare everything to Dave & Busters there is no doubt that Dave & Busters is the strongest entertainment brand at least that I know of in the United States however while they have a couple locations in Canada they have not quite taken hold there like they have in the States. The locations will be between 30,000 sq feet and 60,000 sq feet each.

There is already a Rec Room in Edmonton, Alberta that includes activities such as axe throwing, luxury bowling, CXC racing simulator, Virtual reality, 2 different restaurants, over 100 video and arcade games, pool and ping pong, a large area for concerts, live performances and events and many private dining rooms. In addition guests can earn Scene points on every dollar spent at Rec Room. Rec room is free to enter and is run on a pay-per-attraction system.

For more information on Rec Room in Edmonton you can visit this website:

The next 2 locations set to open are in Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. The Toronto location will open in summer 2017 and will take over the former Leon’s Furniture store at Roundhouse Park. The attractions will vary from location to location with the Toronto location expected to be a bit smaller than the current Edmonton location. The Calgary location is also set to open this summer.

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