New Daytona Championship USA Trailer Showcases Dinosaur Canyon

arcadehero April 28, 2017 1
New Daytona Championship USA Trailer Showcases Dinosaur Canyon

With May almost here, we have been expecting to hear an announcement for the release of Sega’s latest arcade racer, Daytona Championship USA. But as development goes, things change & improve while tweaks are made. To remind us that the game is just around the corner, Sega released a new trailer this morning to showcase the remade Dinosaur Canyon track:

Among the scenes shown above, you can catch some hang gliders, the jets flying overhead with colored trails and some giant dinosaur fossils in the canyon walls:

I like the “drip, drip, drip” marketing style that Sega is taking with the game. They did something similar with Transformers: Human Alliance. I’d take that with other arcade titles 😉 While we aren’t sure which game build is being used here, we can assume it is the latest; at Amusement Expo we saw that the graphics had improved over what was seen at IAAPA, particularly on lighting and reflection textures.

What are your thoughts on this remastered track from what we have seen so far?

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  1. Da Flex April 29, 2017 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    It’s not enough to build a new course, so it’s still a polished 1990’s game. The game engine needs massive work (crash system etc.), but SEGA don’t invest at this point.

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