Stern Pinball Updates: Making of Aerosmith & Colored Bottom Arches

arcadehero May 16, 2017 0
Stern Pinball Updates: Making of Aerosmith & Colored Bottom Arches

Stern Pinball has been busy lately . Naturally they are working on new games but until those are announced, there are other items to look into. Here’s their latest:

The Making of Aerosmith Pinball

This past weekend, hey released this new making of Aerosmith Pinball video to Youtube. In case you wanted to see how the game came together, talking to individuals like game designer John Borg or programmer Lonnie Ropp They touch on what it was about Aerosmith’s music that influenced them in the design but also about the greater freedom they have in making animations now that the company has upgraded to full color displays.

Colored Bottom Arches

Stern really seems to be getting into the mod circuit, now offering colored bottom arches to switch out on your pins to give them a little more life. I imagine if you combine these with a ball through LED lighting mod that these would look great in the right machine and the right color of lighting. There are four colors available at present and if you’re interested in grabbing on for $100+shipping, click here

Stern pinball colored arches

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