Newsbytes: Golden Tee World Champion Crowned; Daytona; Killer Queen; Rampage + More

arcadehero May 27, 2017 0
Newsbytes: Golden Tee World Champion Crowned; Daytona; Killer Queen; Rampage + More

Another week, another newsbytes! Let’s get it on…

Golden Tee World Championships Finds A Champion

Big Buck isn’t the only arcade game to enjoy a big worldwide tournament. For many years Golden Tee has been trailblazing the tournament scene for the coin-op/out-of-home entertainment business and they just held their World Championships in Las Vegas this past week. The winner was Mark Stenmark, who walked away with $10,000 in his pocket (out of a $70,000 total tournament purse). If you have some time to kill then you can revisit how it went down here:

Daytona Championship USA Showing Up On Location

I’ve been trying to get an official confirmation on the release of Daytona Championship USA but apart from this tweet that Sega sent out the other day, I’ve not received that quite yet. I would venture to say that it is shipping in the UK as I have heard from more than one reader that they have come across it already. US readers, have you seen it yet?

Killer Queen Arcade On Sale Until May 31st

Arcade machines going on significant sales is rare but it can happen. If you’ve been wanting to get the 5v5 action that the unique Killer Queen Arcade offers then you can save $3500 on the purchase of a set if you buy directly from the makers on their website:

Rampage The Movie To Film In Chicago For Four Days

The Rampage movie is headed to Chicago next month…here Rampage creator Brian F Colin celebrates the movie production coming to the city where he created the game.

(One of the rare occasions where the phrase “shooting in Chicago” isn’t about the rampant violence there #badjoke )  

Slo-Mo Token In The Mech

Here’s a new video I did showing the token in the mech process in slow motion:

Lulz: Dave & Busters Opening Up A “David & Benedict’s” Fine Dining Gaming Outpost

Not really but if you need a laugh…

Raiden V Getting A Director’s Cut

I know that this isn’t an arcade release – the only Raiden in the series to not enjoy the format so far – but since Raiden has traditionally been something for arcaders to enjoy, you might be interested to know that the PC/PS4 are getting a Director’s Cut version of the game. It’s enhanced/improved from the Xbox One edition; of course, the best improvement the game could receive is a proper arcade release 😉

That’s all of the quick arcade news for now. Have a safe weekend and Happy Memorial Day

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