Select Neo Geo MVS Games Come To PC Via – Giveaway Contest Inside!

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UPDATE: Winners announced below! Check the embedded widget to see if your username is among the 10 winners (you need to have cookies enabled for it to show). All winners have been notified with the game keys; I did accidentally say KOF 2002 in some emails when it should have been KOF 2000…my apologies on that mistake. Please check your email for the keys – if you don’t see it in the main box, check spam. It will have come from ‘shaggy’ at an email address.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

ORIGINAL POST: While we generally only report on coin-operated game news, we occasionally have ventured out into items regarding arcade ports to home consoles or PC. What we haven’t done before is a contest giveaway where you can win something – which you can do with this post today!

Select SNK Arcade Classics Coming To

If you play games on your computer at all then there is a good chance that you are familiar with the website “Good Old Games”, better known as They have been an excellent source for video games both old and new over the years, the older content operating on modern hardware without a hitch. They also save you a bit of money with frequent deals.

Now, they have launched several SNK arcade classics that ran on the prevalent Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware. Those games are as follows but be sure to keep scrolling as we have details on how you can win a pack of three of them: King of Fighters 2000, Metal Slug X, & Samurai Shodown V!

For the games that are up for sale:

Baseball Stars 2

Blazing Star

Fatal Fury Special

King of Monsters

Metal Slug 1

Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug X

Samurai Shodown V

The King of Fighters 2000

The King of Fighters 2002

The Last Blade

Twinkle Star Sprites

Shock Troopers

The Arcade Heroes / SNK Giveaway!

Thanks to, we are going to be giving away ten (10) packages of three of those titles: King of Fighters 2000, Metal Slug X, & Samurai Shodown V. Enter to win via Gleam:

SNK Arcade Bundle Giveaway

Winners will have their codes emailed to them.

We’d like to thank GOG for the opportunity and likewise appreciate seeing the Neo Geo get some additional love. Be sure to visit and to follow them on Twitter.

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