Newsbytes: Arcade Heroes Subscription Service; Cosmotrons; Knights In Armor; KOF XIV

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Newsbytes: Arcade Heroes Subscription Service; Cosmotrons; Knights In Armor; KOF XIV

It’s a wonderful day in June, at least where I am at, so make the most of it and drop by an arcade for a gaming break. Until then, here are some news items from the wonderful world of arcades to pass the time.

SNK Arcade Bundle Giveaway

Just a reminder that thanks to, we are running a giveaway for the next four days for 3 SNK Neo Geo MVS games that are now available on PC. Make sure you’ve signed up!

Arcade Heroes Subscription Service

I have been mentioned the video uploading service a bit more as of late and part of the reason why is to be able to launch a new feature. While we do have a vastly larger following on Youtube (thank you), allows for specialized content to be shared via monthly subscriptions as well as tips that can directly benefit content creators instead of having funds vaguely filtered through. I’m not going to stop adding content to Youtube, just going to take advantage of what both platforms have to offer.

With that I have begun uploading special videos that are just for subscribers. I’m only asking $1.50 a month for content and information that is certainly worth much more than that. That includes vlogs based on stories run here on AH (with more discussion into said stories) and “Arcadeology 101”, a series of videos where I will be sharing my knowledge about the arcade/amusement industry, such as it is. I know that will be of interest more towards upcoming and new arcade owners but I will be trying to add value for everyone interested in arcades.  I’m also working to get some other unique items just for subscribers but I’ll wait on sharing what those are until I get something; videos that show games in action will still be uploaded to both sites for free so no worries there.

If you are interested, you can subscribe straight from the Vid.Me page (following is free).

Cosmotrons Developers Interview Jeffery Lee, Creator Of Q*Bert

You might recall that a new independent game developer appeared at the Midwest Gaming Classic, showing off their new 4-player game concept Cosmotrons. They just posted this interview with Q*Bert creator Jeffery Lee where they get into game design as well as their upcoming arcade title, Cosmotrons. We’ll have more news on this game next week!

Working Knights In Armor Discovered

As I have studied arcade history, I have come across a company called Project Support Engineering. It’s not a name that sounds at all like an arcade or entertainment company and they only made six games. Out of those, Maneater would be their best known work thanks to the awesome fiberglass shark cabinet.

They also made a title called Knights in Armor but as is the case with many games from the 1970s, finding one is often a real challenge. Sometimes it is questionable whether or not the game actually was produced since all anyone has seen of it is an old magazine photo or a flyer. Knights In Armor seemed to be one of those cases…until now. For a game from 1976 (same year as Breakout), it was fairly advanced as a knight jousting game and the bezel artwork is pretty good too.

If you’ve been interested in the history of 1v1 fighting games, this also is a nice milestone…perhaps it could be considered the very first as it shows characters and they do battle. That would make it precede Warrior

Cinemassacre Makes A Visit To TNT Amusements

Here are two names you’ve probably heard of, arcade refurbishing, rental and distribution company TNT Amusements and the popular game+movie review site Cinemassacre. The Cinemassacre guys make a visit to TNT for a tour – note that this may be NSFW due to language:

King Of Fighters XIV Coming To Japanese Arcades on June 29th

I thought that it was such a shame for the KOF series to not show up in arcades when KOF XIV was released but that will be rectified at the end of this month. This adds some more characters to the overall roster…as an operator, it would be nice if those characters remain exclusive to arcades but generally they seem to bring such content over to consoles eventually. If this does show up in a Western arcade it will be rare since it is being distributed digitally through the NESiCAxLIVE 2 network. That might make it harder to find than a Knights In Armor 😛

The Act: An Interactive Comedy Repaired

I finally managed to fix my prototype arcade machine of The Act: An Interactive Comedy. Turns out it involved some tiny wiring that came undone <insert shame gif here>. It is quite nice to have this fixed as I was worried about it ending up in the dustbin. Now to figure out a good solution for the spinner:

And last but not least

The new Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire by Sega has been released to mobile and has some parodies of their classic arcade games during the loading screens. Good stuff:


  1. Arcadeaholics LLC June 4, 2017 at 5:16 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing the interview with Jeff! It has been great getting to chat with him. Also… super cool the Knights in Armor game has been found. Looks like an interesting cabinet.

  2. Voltz June 12, 2017 at 10:20 am - Reply

    I can understand your complaint for KOF, but the sad fact is both markets of the gaming industry have divided and developers have realized that the titles meant to be more invested in by players will be released on console. I’m fine with arcades having just games that are themed and licensed. They’re what attracts the customer for that 5 min thrill ride anyways.

    Another point is when the FGC doesn’t get full access to characters just because of exclusive dealings, then they get pretty upset about it and the player majority is console based. In this day and age that mentality just doesn’t work, plus gaming communities would wholly condemn it.

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