Star Wars Pro Pinball Machines Beginning To Show Up ‘In The Wild’

arcadehero July 21, 2017 1
Star Wars Pro Pinball Machines Beginning To Show Up ‘In The Wild’

As expected, whenever Stern shows off a new title, within the next month or so the first units begin to ship out. Their most recent release is Star Wars, which in case you hadn’t heard is based on the original SW trilogy of films. Designed by Steve Ritchie, this one features their newest SPIKE hardware platform along with a full color LCD screen in the backbox.

At my own arcade, I have been working with an operator who runs the KeyMaster at my place to bring more pinball into the store. We talked about Star Wars and decided that a Premium would be best; that op told me a few weeks ago that if he ordered the Pro model then “it would be here in a week” while Premium models were six weeks out from that time. I think we’re about half-way there so stay tuned as it should be fun to ‘unbox’ one of those. I’m also getting a Ghostbusters Pro through this operator, beefing up our pinball selection to something decent for a change.

Star Wars Pro Pinball Now Shipping

Anyways, if you are pinball or Star Wars aficinado then the Pro models are starting to show up out there. Here a reader of the site shared this picture of one at “510 Pizza in Oakland, CA”:

Star Wars Pinball in CaliforniaOver at the pinball collectors forum known as Pinside, this thread is tracking those who “join the club” for owning Star Wars pinball machines. Many of those are private collectors but you might come across commercial locations that have one too.

If you do know of a place that has one, comment below!

Until then, here is 2 hours of Star Wars Pinball footage from the Stern factory:

If you have played the game already, what are your thoughts about it?



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  1. Aaron August 17, 2017 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Wow. The sounds on this pinball are awesome!

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