Golden Tee 2018 Launches On September 25th

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Golden Tee 2018 Launches On September 25th

It is August and in the arcade business, that generally means that Incredible Technologies begins to tease more details on their flagship product, Golden Tee. The series continues to enjoy major annual content updates, keeping the game fresh for venues out there that has a unit and a loyal Golden Tee fanbase. Let’s get you up to speed on the latest.

Golden Tee 2018

The upcoming release for the game is the aforementioned Golden Tee 2018. Commercial versions of the game, particularly the online LIVE model begins shipping at the end of September. This update continues to build on the title that received a ‘reboot’ of sorts in 2007, with five new courses coming to the game every year since. With GT2017, the company shipped well over 7500 upgrades (the exact number wasn’t revealed, apart from that being at min the 7500) so there are plenty of units out there operating on a daily basis.

The core formula of the game hasn’t changed, being video golf played with a trackball controller. Each update builds on that beyond the new courses with new clothing options and game modes that incentivize repeat play. That incentive is driven further by the ability to participate in a number of tournaments to win some cold hard cash, culminating in the Golden Tee World Championships every year.

For the new update, I have not seen details on new modes but the company has produced new course trailers to promote the five new locations that players will enjoy. 2018 goes international this time, featuring locations in Dubai and Germany, the Dubai course being the first ‘night time’ stage that the game has enjoyed. Graphically the game looks the same as it has since they updated the hardware to at least support 1080p resolution; if there have been any other changes in that regard they are not obvious:

Safari Dunes:

Calypso Key

Mayfield Golf Club


The Golden Tee Youtube channel had posted a video earlier today about changes to the UI interface but it seems to have been removed at the moment. If it reappears, I will repost here.

Are you looking forward to the newest version of Golden Tee? Comment below!


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