Mortal Kombat II+ Now In Public Beta

arcadehero September 27, 2017 0

It’s time to break the lull in arcade news with something that’s from the wonderful world of classic arcade games.

We don’t hear about hacks of old arcade software very often, apart from oddities you might come across in some 562-in-1 board you buy from China. I also believe there are many other hacks of popular games out there but their newsworthiness can vary depending on how extensive they decide to get. The most recent one posted about here on AH was the Robotron 2084 “Tie-Die” set from 2014; although that was an ‘official’ update, giving it some extra weight. Today’s hack doesn’t have any official blessing yet, but perhaps it will if Ed Boon gets a chance to see it.

Started by a Mortal Kombat fan who got his hands on an MKII machine, new features and tweaks have been added to the game which can be played either in MAME or burned to EEPROMs and enjoyed on a real machine. This builds on Revision 3.1 of the software and adds the secret characters to the character selection screen; a new MK2 Settings screen added to the CMOS; game audits; Turbo Mode; the ability to reset unlocks; random ladders; the highly requested Endurance Matches; pools of blood; a corrected Goro’s Lair; a new cheat system and Kombo hit counter shown on the screen. You can revert back to 3.1 if you wish as well. All-in-all, sounds like a fun piece of software to have.

The Mortal Kombat II+ update is now available in public beta form, the website for it showing that it is 99% complete. It is a free download, you just have to register at the MKII+ website to grab the download link.

For anyone out there who gives this a spin, what do you think?

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