The Games of The 2017 AAMA Gala: From VR To Fidget Spinners & More

arcadehero October 5, 2017 4

While it took place a little later in the year than usual, the AAMA Gala is upon us and that means we get our first look at some of the arcade products that will be gracing the scene at the end of this year and throughout 2018. These pics are thanks to a ‘mole’ we had inside the show – many thanks for sending them our way 🙂


Rabbids VR Ride (LAI Games)

You might recall a short time ago that LAI Games was testing out a new virtual roller coaster concept that uses VR headsets. That looks to still be on track for a release as the latest version was at the Gala and it will be coming to IAAPA. Don the headset then experience a roller coaster-like ride featuring Ubisoft’s Rabbid characters.

Rabbids VR roller coaster ride by LAI Games

Spinner Frenzy

Fads can be a tough act to jump on given how long game development tends to take. Either way, the craze was enough to generate some mobile games and now it is coming to arcades with Spinner Frenzy by Adrenaline Amusements. This is a videmption game of skill where you have to get the speed of the spin just right to win a certain amount of tickets. First pic is from the Gala, the second is one that another tipster sent me the other day of the game on test although it was unknown who was making the game at the time.

Spinner Frenzy by Adrenaline AmusementsSpinner Frenzy on test

It should also be noted that Adrenaline will be bringing an upgraded version of their Crazy Tower game called Mega Crazy Tower to an event in Portland this weekend but it is not at the Gala.

The Game Of Perfection (Bay Tek Games)

Waaaayyy back in June of last year (I know, seems like forever ago), it was discovered that Wisconsin based game maker Bay Tek was testing out a videmption version of the popular Milton Bradley board game called The Game of Perfection. We didn’t have much to go on at the time other than a photo; trade shows came and went without the game appearing – until today. Comparing to that original photo, it looks as though the game went through a few changes on its way to what I assume is close-to-final at this point.

Since the board game involves picking up pieces and trying to fit them into their precise slots, it should be interesting to see how this operates. The screen has a bezel of some kind over it with acrylic bubbles overlaying each shape – I assume these behave like giant buttons. But perhaps they function in a different way. Let us know if you had a chance to play it!

The Game Of Perfection, Bay Tek Games


Tap That (Barron Games)

Mentioned on the blog earlier today, Barron Games showed off their new twitch skill game Tap That. Designed for four players, this follows a similar idea to what the company used with their Quad Air/Galaxy Collision air hockey tables. Just going to re-use one of the pictures that I was sent by Barron (where you can also see a Stern Star Wars & Aerosmith and an ICE Zombie Snatcher in the background).

Tap That at the AAMA Gala

Zombie League All Stars (Gizmo / Valley-Dynamo)

As reported on earlier today, EM amusement games are making a comeback, particularly the novelty bat games that are a cousin to pinball. Designed by Gizmo Game Design and manufactured by Valley-Dynamo, Zombie League All Stars was on hand to play and from the info I received with the pic, a lot of people were talking about it. This is already being manufactured for shipping so you can order one now.

Zombie LEague All Stars by Gizmo / Valley-Dynamo

Maze Escape (Sega Amusements)

Sega did not bring any new video games to the Gala from what I have been told; I know they have a new shooter in the works but it looks like we’ll have to wait until IAAPA for that. I did finally see the 4-speed shifter for Daytona Championship USA but will be waiting on new pictures of that to share (still, can confirm that it exists and it looks nice). In the mean time, Sega has a new redemption piece ready to go called Maze Escape. This is like a giant version of those handheld board marble maze games, the user controlling the circular playfield to try and guide a ball through the maze for tickets.

Maze Escape by Sega Amusements

Justice League Air Hockey (Bandai Namco Amusements)

Bandai Namco did hold a presentation at the Gala today although I have not heard what was covered. For product, it was a smaller repeat of what they brought to Amusement Expo 2017; a couple of Maximum Tune 5 cabs (first time I’ve seen it without four) and another home air hockey table, this time with a Justice League theme.

Bandai Namco Justice League air hockey

NFLPA Superstar Football Coins (Andamiro)

This is a new redemption piece that was recently announced by Andamiro – right before the recent National Anthem controversy surrounding the NFL and various teams/players hit their reputation and their ratings right on the nose. I guess we’ll see if that impacts earnings on this one. The goal of this game is to win and collect coins that have the players likenesses stamped on them. There are sixty coins total, covering every team in the NFL.

NFLPA Super Stars Football Coins by Andamiro

Despicable Me JellyLab (Andamiro)

This is a licensed redemption piece that launched this Summer, featuring the Minions from the popular Despicable Me film franchise. Land tokens on certain parts of a conveyor belt to win collectible cards.

Despicable Me Jelly Lab, Andamiro

Prize Arrow (Sega Amusements)

This is a new instant prize redemption / merchandiser machine that I recently saw branded as “Magic Arrow” but here it was called Prize Arrow. From the looks of it, the name is the only thing to have changed. This is by Sega as they seek out something to replace their highly successful KeyMaster with. Here, you try and get the arrow perfectly lined up with one of the colored, arrow shaped cutouts on a spinning wheel to win a prize.

Prize Arrow by Sega Amusements

Barring any additional AAMA Gala revelations, that should be it. As a note, certain companies like Raw Thrills and UNIS don’t attend the event with product and what we often see is just a portion of what companies will bring to larger events like IAAPA. IAAPA 2017 takes place a little over a month from now (the week of the 12th) so we’ll certainly be hearing much more as we approach that time.

What are your thoughts on what has been shown for 2018 so far?


  1. Clay Silvia October 11, 2017 at 6:12 pm - Reply

    The Rabbids and fidget spinner games kind of make me want to vomit, but can’t wait to see pictures of the 4-speed Daytona 3 shifter! Is it a ball knob or the same as the sequential shift knob?

    • arcadehero October 13, 2017 at 11:07 am - Reply

      The knob itself is like the sequential shifter so it looks like a joystick. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a pic soon.

      As for other games, I’ve been told that 2018 has much more in store, we just have to hang tight. Not all of it sounds like it will be shown at IAAPA either…

      • Clay Silvia October 14, 2017 at 10:01 pm - Reply

        hmmm… That sounds odd to me, but it’ll do over a sequential shifter any day. As for the IAAPA coverage, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see? I think VR will definitely fit in at a FEC, but not in that Rabbids form. I honestly think something like VR Showdown at Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm would be a better fit- a dedicated space with multiple units as opposed to a single cabinet, if you will.

        • arcadehero October 16, 2017 at 8:14 am -

          So far it sounds like people have been impressed with the Rabbids ride – virtual roller coasters make insane amounts of money so that is perhaps where it *might* work with VR. That said, at the previous two IAAPAs, I’ve seen VR coaster setups that were the talk of the show then you never hear about them again (like Finger Coaster). Given that this is LAI, it’s the first time a major manufacturer is attempting something quite like it so that is where it stands the best chance.

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