Sega Opens A Countdown Website For Sen Sen Sen Ki

arcadehero January 15, 2018 0
Sega Opens A Countdown Website For Sen Sen Sen Ki

There’s more Sega arcade news to chew on – if you are wondering why they are suddenly active it is because about three weeks from now, JAEPO 2018 will be taking place. JAEPO has become the primary trade show for Japanese arcade content so now tends to be the time that manufacturers begin to tease or announce new products that are being created for the out-of-home entertainment market.

UPDATE: The countdown is over and the game has been unveiled. It is called Sen Sen Sen Ki, which the translator also renders as “The “Thousand Senran””. Anyone who knows Japanese better than I can feel free to comment on that. Also according to the website,, this is”a completely new networked digital card game with a “party battle” and “dual-turn” system that can still taste the unprecedented thought battle.

Pre-location testing allows you to play the time card game that you can only experience in the arcade.
Win the Supreme Brain Battle of God’s seat with a spark of a thousand!”
In other words, don’t expect to see this one launching out West any time soon. Perhaps Round1USA will grab it though…

Sega has posted this video showing the game in action:


Countdown’s are unheard of among Western arcade developers but that is not the case with Japanese devs. Sega first surprised us with a new House Of The Dead yesterday and now they have something else in the works. The site is called Senki.Sega.Jp, Senki meaning military or war history. The countdown ends on Friday, which is the time when the new HOTD will begin testing but I do not believe that this has anything to do with that.

From the surrounding imagery of the floating islands with ruins and the aesthetic of the throne, it reminds me of Sega’s Shining Force Cross, one of the few arcade RPGs created in recent times.  While it could be related to that, Sega hasn’t been shy about creating fantasy/RPG type games for arcades in Japan. You’ve had Quest Of D, a MOBA by the name of Wonderland Wars and they will also have Fate Grand Order Arcade out sometime soon.

What do you think it is?

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