Newsbytes: EAG 2018; Sonic Athletics; Tempest Development; TVs In Slo-Mo; Lost World Pinball Colorized

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Welcome to this week’s Newsbytes, our collection of arcade news that is generally too brief to dedicate an entire post to.

Interview With Someone At Sega For House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn

It doesn’t say who but this includes a few more details on the game, including available weapons; Sega also knows that this is a big franchise for them overseas so we’ll just have to hang tight. Read the article at Dengeki Online.

More Coverage Of EAG 2018

If you are looking for more news on what as at EAG 2018 this year then check out this video by site friend Kevin Williams. This is #7 for Stinger Report LIVE so stay tuned for more to come – especially if you are into amusement VR.

Pinball & Pong At CES 2018

Stern was back at CES this year to show off their latest pinball tables but also joining them from the amusement sector was UNIS with their new Atari PONG Table. Here’s a brief video on Twitter that spends a bit of time on the new Polaroid tech but also shows Stern & UNIS:

Speaking of Atari and CES, the company used to attend that event every year but haven’t for many years. I stumbled across this promotional video for CES 1987, which isn’t arcade related (as it was focused on the separate home division after it split into Atari Corp. & Atari Games in ’84) but should be of interest to any other Atari nerds out there like me 😛 Embrace the cheese of the 80s:

Sonic Athletics Video

I just caught this new promotion for Sonic Athletics at the Tokyo Joypolis and in following the link, caught a brief video of the game in action. I had only seen photos of this one before (it’s been a few years since they launched it) so it is interesting to see:

Post-Mortem – Atari’s Tempest

Speaking of Atari and related to arcades, Tony Temple has a ‘post-mortem’ of sorts on the development of Atari’s ‘tube shooter’ known as Tempest. The story about a nightmare of Theurer’s is true but there are some other details there you might not have heard before. If you like arcade or game development history, definitely give it a read. I think it’s a shame that Tempest 2000 never found it’s way to arcades, although the market of ’94 was a bit different from the market of ’81.

TVs in Slow Mo

Slo-Mo Guys on YouTube have a great video showing how a CRT, an LCD and an OLED TV works in both slow motion and zoomed in. This applies to our discussions as of late regarding display tech, something that I imagine that most arcade fans would find informative and interesting. I would love to see what an old arcade looks like on an OLED screen but that isn’t very practical at the moment in good part due to the cost but also by manufacturers seeming to only make OLED displays in either large sizes or for phones (nothing in the 19″-26″ range that I’ve found yet). That said, I may still experiment with a 144hz or 240Hz monitor on a classic game soon to see how that looks. Classic games do look fantastic on Raw Thrills’ LED screen tech but that also has only been made in huge or small sizes (8′ for World’s Largest Pac-Man/Space Invaders Frenzy; 8″ for the Pac-Man clock). The space between the LEDs would also have to be decreased for something in the 19″-26″ range.

Anyways, here’s the video:

Bandai Namco’s JAEPO 2018 Site Is Open

It’s not much to look at now but I’m sure this will be populated with some interesting items soon

The Lost World Pinball Gets Color

Thanks as always to ColorDMD. This is the 70th pinball table that they have colorized. Here’s the preview:


That’s all I’ve managed to scrounge up for this week. Have a great weekend!

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