Sega Confirms House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn For A Western Release

arcadehero May 31, 2018 1
Sega Confirms House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn For A Western Release

I got up this morning to find Sega Amusements going on a little social media blitz. The same image and similar message were shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through their e-mail.  Here’s the tweet since those embed easiest:

While it doesn’t really tell us anything new about the game, it is ‘officially’ confirming something I already knew, that Scarlet Dawn would be receiving a worldwide release. This is the first time that Sega Amusements has acknowledged the game, which was only shown in Japan after the initial unveil in Japan back in January. We also found out some additional info from the location test in Japan and subsequent showing at JAEPO in February. There are only a few details that we aren’t sure about for the Western release however (online features, if there are plans for an upright cabinet, that sort of thing), which I have reached out to Sega about and will update if there is anything to share.

UPDATE: For a time frame, the primary release is looking at the November/December period of this year, with a possibility of a few units showing up out there shortly before that. There are no details to share on location testing, other than the Japanese tests we already heard about earlier this year (what I heard is that the game performed extremely well during those tests). Overall, expect to see this one at IAAPA 2018. Pricing hasn’t been finalized yet but you can expect it to be somewhere North of Luigi’s Mansion Arcade.

Here’s the trailer Sega showed off at JAEPO back in February in case you missed it:

Are you looking forward to this?


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