Golden Tee 2019 Gets Ready To Ship

arcadehero September 12, 2018 0
Golden Tee 2019 Gets Ready To Ship

Every year in September, the latest version of the iconic bar & arcade game Golden Tee enjoys a new release. This has been the case for over a decade now, with the developers behind it (Incredible Technologies), crafting new golf courses, game items and modes for fans to enjoy.

With it being September 2018, the release of the next iteration of Golden Tee is just about to hit us and we have a trailer to lay out everything that is coming to this new version. That includes the obligatory five courses, with a couple of additional courses coming in early 2019; the Real Time Rivals mode, where you compete against PGA Tour golfing legend John Daly (I assume that other golfers will eventually appear here); weekly events, and more.

If you can’t wait until the release date on Sep. 25th, then IT just began over a couple of dozen location tests for the game across the US and Canada yesterday. I haven’t seen a cabinet image for it yet, although I imagine it will look the same as 2018, just with the new 2019 logo. Overall, GT2019 should be the epitome of the series…at least until 2020 comes around. Although I hope by then they’ll be able to overhaul the engine and bring the graphics up to speed (not that most GT players seem to worry about that aspect of it).

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