Triotech Announces The Typhoon: 10th Anniversary Edition

arcadehero November 1, 2018 0

If you’ve visited a modern arcade (one that keeps up-to-date with releases) over the past decade, then chances are that you have either seen or used the Typhoon motion simulator. If you haven’t seen one, they are a motion ride, a virtual roller coaster if you will, that in addition to the motion seats, offers wind and force feedback effects. It has always been a chart topper, one of the highest earning arcade pieces on the market.

To celebrate 10 years of this success, Triotech has announced a “10th Anniversary Edition” Typhoon. This new model provides a similar experience, upgrading the screen to a 4K display while offering 10 new ride films for users to enjoy. It also will come with a ‘red hot’ cabinet design, as you can see from this picture:

Triotech's Typhoon: 10th Anniversary Edition cabinetThis new addition to the Triotech line-up will be on display at IAAPA 2018 in just a couple of weeks and should begin shipping soon.

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