Shipping & Release Updates: Pump It Up XX; ATV Slam; PIU-XX; Fantasy Soccer; Atari PONG Table Coin-op & More

arcadehero January 23, 2019 0
Shipping & Release Updates: Pump It Up XX; ATV Slam; PIU-XX; Fantasy Soccer; Atari PONG Table Coin-op & More

With so many new arcade products having been announced over the past few months, it feels prudent to get everyone up to speed on what’s shipping. This also helps us get something in while other news has slowed to a crawl and I haven’t had the time to cook up a feature or opinion article. I have been making some videos though 😛

The new releases page has also been updated accordingly.

If you are interested in any of these games for a location you own, or perhaps frequent, then be sure to ask your distributor for more details. They should be well-versed in

Injustice Arcade (Raw Thrills) – The lower priced models have been shipping out since the end of last year, but in case you missed that piece of news, now you know. Series 2 cards should be shipping out soon.

Dicey Jump, Mystery Island & Hop’N Stack (Touch Magix) – All of the new pieces that Touch Magix showed at IAAPA have been shipping since that debut event.

Willy Crash & Piano Keys (Bay Tek Entertainment) – Same situation as the two games above, these have been shipping & available since the end of last year.

Tomy Waterfuls & Super Kixx Pro (ICE) – I did not receive any press release on when these began shipping, but distributors have them listed and ICE has been promoting them.

House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn (Sega) – This also began shipping last year, but I’ve been told it has been a little bit of a wait to get them, so just hang tight if you ordered and are still waiting.

The Munsters (Stern Pinball) – Just announced a few weeks ago, Stern is busy producing and shipping these games out the door.

Kraut Buster (NG: Dev.Team) – Cartridges should be shipping out to those who pre-ordered by now.

Pump It Up XX (Andamiro) – Andamiro USA will receive units on January 31st, so locations that have already ordered the game (be it dedicated or kit) should be receiving their units by mid-February. As a note, there is no “XX cabinet” – dedicated games are shipping in the LX cabinets that PIU Prime 2 has been shipping with since 2017. XX is just the software. Two kits are also available – one with the MK9 hardware and one without (all TX & LX models already come with it). If there is any confusion, be sure to ask your distributor for details.

Halo: Fireteam Raven 2-player (Raw Thrills) – Locations that have ordered one should expect to see these by February.

ATV Slam (Sega Amusements) – Debuting at EAG 2019, Sega is already taking orders for this one with the intent for units to begin arriving on locations at the end of February/beginning of March.

Atari PONG Tables, Fantasy Soccer & Night Hunter standard (UNIS) – While we had heard at IAAPA that these games were targeting a January release, there has been a slight delay. That said, units are on their way from China, with arrival aiming for March. Games like Lane Master Pro have been shipping for some months now.

Derby Champion Club (UNIS) – This was the only upcoming UNIS piece that wasn’t given a date, so it’s still “To Be Determined.”

Spins Ahoy! (Team Play) – Also TBA, although there is a good chance you’ll come across this one on test if you’re in the right place 😉

Super Bikes 3 & (Raw Thrills) – Haven’t heard anything new on these two, so still assume March/April (around Amusement Expo time, which is at the end of March).

i-Bowl Dinos (Imply) – While this one was at IAAPA, they didn’t feel it was ready, so the software was just showing the attract mode. It was quite close to done, so it should be ready to ship.

Monster Eye 2 & Bounty Ranger (Wahlap) – These are the only ones I haven’t been able to get any confirmation on, so they are TBA until further notice. Wahlap had a US team in Florida a few years ago, but there have been changes and contacts lost. I’d be happy to get in touch with someone over there in case anyone at Wahlap reads this…

With all of that, our eyes are turning to Japan, where JAEPO gets underway this weekend. Exa-Arcadia is a big one to look for, since their content is destined for western shores, but I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about from every manufacturer.

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