Raw Thrills Announces The Arrival Of Slither.io Arcade

arcadehero March 18, 2019 0
Raw Thrills Announces The Arrival Of Slither.io Arcade

This past October, we ran a story about the development of Slither.io for arcades by Raw Thrills. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you can play it for free in your browser here; it’s an online multiplayer variation of the classic “Snake” game (which in itself came from a number of arcade titles in the pre-Space Invaders era of the 1970’s). The arcade edition of the game was first shown to the industry at IAAPA 2018, where I got some hands-on time with this videmption twist:

Today, Raw Thrills has announced that the game is in production and shipping for venues to add to their game floors. I asked about the software and whether it has seen any major changes to the IAAPA model; that answer is no (minor tweaks/adjustments always take place though). This means it should still play like you see above, where the game is a little bit different from the browser edition. By what I was originally told, this is one of the few games that RT has done that does not have an amusement/ticketless mode for it, keeping it strictly in the videmption space.

Slither.io Arcade flyer

We’ve also got a few screenshots to share below. Click on them to enlarge; they arrived at 1920×1080 resolution, which indicates the native resolution the game is running at. The production model will be at Amusement Expo 2019 next week, and with this news, should start showing up at FEC’s and other arcades with redemption areas pretty soon.

Slither.io Arcade Title Screen Slither.io Arcade Gameplay Slither.io Arcade Gameplay Slither.io Arcade "Slitherpot" ticket bonus

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