New Info & Footage For Super Bikes 3 By Raw Thrills

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New Info & Footage For Super Bikes 3 By Raw Thrills

It’s springtime, which in the arcade business means new games. We covered a few of them as a part of the Amusement Expo 2019 coverage, and today, we’re focusing on another title from a major manufacturer – Super Bikes 3 by Raw Thrills,

This game was first seen at IAAPA 2018, where only 3 tracks were available to play. While Raw Thrills originally announced that it would ship with 5 tracks, they decided at one point to add more to the mix and up it to 8. Switching to opinion mode for a second, I find that a welcome change – the first Super Bikes had 8 courses, then SB2 doubled that to 19, so the 5 that was being floated for SB3 felt like a step back.

In addition to that new info, we have more footage to share with you. First is a direct capture provided by Raw Thrills that shows the main attract mode promo video. This showcases the 60fps graphics, some of the tracks, the bikes and the “Ultra” upgrade and so on. This is what will play in-between company logos and high score tables on the machines (thanks to Raw Thrills for providing the footage):

As you can tell from there, there is plenty of “over-the-top” fantasy elements woven throughout the tracks in a similar way to what we saw in games like Cruis’n Blast and to a lesser extent Exotica.

Then as a bonus, here’s the game in action from Amusement Expo 2019. The cabinet looks almost the same as it did at IAAPA, although I believe that they did change the color scheme up. Similar to MotoGP, cabinets will be available in four different colors for locations to buy. The marquee and chrome accents still look fantastic:

While a precise production & shipping date hasn’t been unveiled yet, I believe that it is very soon, units may begin shipping out by the end of April. They’ll certainly be around big arcades this summer, and given the success of Super Bikes 2, I don’t imagine that it will be too difficult to come across it.

What do you think about the game from what you’ve seen and read so far?

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