Taking A Closer Look: Blazing Chrome

arcadehero May 20, 2019 1
Taking A Closer Look: Blazing Chrome

We’ve been covering the Exa-Arcadia platform for a while now, and with the release of the new multi-game platform approaching fast, I figured it might be good to highlight some of the games that are coming to it, with their own focused post. This feels a prudent thing to do, given that we currently know about twenty-four separate releases for the platform, although not all of those will be releasing when the Exa platform launches at the end of this Spring/beginning of Summer.

For the first title that we’ll take a deeper look at is one that was announced and covered briefly in the many JAEPO 2019 announcements this past January, Blazing Chrome. I was intrigued by this one mainly because it is a run’n gun title with a strong Contra III and Metal Slug vibe to it; where the Exa system is heavily populated with STGs and fighting games, it is a welcome addition. While Metal Slug doesn’t earn like it used to, any time that I have had an MS game out on the floor, it does fine. I also recall seeing Metal Slug 6 always appearing on the Replay Magazine monthly charts up until a couple of years ago, so I know I haven’t been the only one to see the game do fine on location.

While the game has not yet been released to PC via Steam, you can find a listing for it here. Then check out this footage in buttery smooth 60fps:

Blazing Chrome is being developed by a two-person team out of Brazil that calls themselves Joymasher. I e-mailed them to find out more about the project and particularly the Exa-Arcadia version, although the last time we spoke, they didn’t have anything to report beyond that the game is pretty much finished. As I like to constantly point out, the developer requirements for Exa stipulate that all content released on the platform must have some kind of exclusive features and/or content if another version of the software exists. I did ask about what unique features/content BC might have on Exa; while they couldn’t say what it was, they did confirm that it will have more to it that fans can look forward to.

One thing that might change is the title. This has occurred with several Exa games, such as Shaolin Vs. Wutang becoming The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ or Iron Crypticle becoming Lightning Knights. The Exa listing for Blazing Chrome mentions “temp title,” which could mean it will also get a name change.

Regardless what it’s final name will be, you can get to know more about these developers, their influences and how they have gone about their work thanks to these two dev diaries.

At the moment, Blazing Chrome is not slated as a launch title for Exa, although with it being very close to done as we speak, I do not imagine it will take very long for it to join the others; the listing on the Exa website says 2019, which is plenty of time with another seven months ahead of us.

Which Exa title would you like me to focus on next?

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  1. Jbrpg May 20, 2019 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Perhaps you can cover other titles that are approaching Q2 and Q3 such as cosmic digger, super hydorah AC, fight of the gods, and Axel City 2 (started as dojun release in PC with Axel City).

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