Highlight: Current Indie Arcade Games

arcadehero November 4, 2019 0
Highlight: Current Indie Arcade Games

Before IAAPA 2019 kicks into full-swing, I wanted to put a spotlight on the real, independently developed coin-op arcade titles that are out there. Without a major license and marketing budget, the challenge of turning your game creation into a commercial pay-per-play arcade game is a daunting task. More has to be done than just game and software design – you have to create a cabinet that can withstand the rigors of being used in a public place, while also working for the needs of the operator.

As such, I’ve obtain direct footage of many currently available indie arcade titles and turned them into this “sizzle reel” for you to enjoy. Thanks to all of the devs who sent me the footage; there were a few sources that I had to get through other means, but it all works out in the end:

As some extra help, here are links to info on each game (NOTE: These are games that are available for purchase now…coming soon is a long list, but they’ll be added to this one as they are released):

While not every game will work for every location out there, I think that there’s at least one game to be found for everyone thanks to the variety of venues we have now. There is plenty more than this that is in-the-works; my sincere apologies if I missed or forgot anyone in the process. But, I’ll work to rectify that the next time that we showcase these creations.


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