Sega Releases A Promo Trailer For Mission: Impossible Arcade

arcadehero January 28, 2020 0
Sega Releases A Promo Trailer For Mission: Impossible Arcade

With March approaching fast, that means that the release window for Sega’s next major gun game is about to arrive. That game is Mission: Impossible Arcade. While I did get a chance to play it at IAAPA 2019, press was restricted from filming the game. I shared my thoughts on it, but that’s always not the same as seeing it – or in the best instance, playing it.

Sega finally released a brief trailer showing it getting played at EAG 2020, which you can see below. As I’ve told some people asking about it, the dual pistols mounted to a swivel base is a little weird at first, but once you get the “feel” for it, it’s fine. The game plays like a more advanced version of Target Bravo (which isn’t surprising, since it has the same director & producer), but they’ve added additional QTEs that incorporate the spy/gadget elements:

Perhaps next we’ll get an official, direct gameplay trailer, but it’s hard to say. This Super Deluxe cabinet is launching in March; Sega is also looking into a special edition for the Tokyo Joypolis and is also considering a design for a 2-player model, although there is no word yet on when the smaller version will be available.

What do you think about it from this first “official” look?

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