Game Updates: StepManiaX & Exa-Arcadia

arcadehero May 7, 2020 0
Game Updates: StepManiaX & Exa-Arcadia

Sorry for the lack of news here this week – while I want to dedicate some time to writing arcade interest articles, there is a big project related to the site that has been eating up a lot of my free time (which is generally limited to a couple of hours after all the kids have gone to bed). It’s going to be really cool – it’s not a book, but something else. I’ll wait until things are ready for testing before I talk about it in detail.

As news has been extremely slow in the arcade world, there hasn’t been much to post about in that regard, although with some areas opening up out there – some US states, Hong Kong and a few other places, we are hearing about arcades that are re-opening their doors. Mine is one of those – I re-opened back on May 1st. It’s been pretty rough so far, as we’ve been seeing a good 60-75% drop in business, but 20% is better than nothing. We’ll see how it goes.

Fortunately there is a little bit of news to discuss from two arcade companies: Step Revolution and Exa-Arcadia. We’ll start with SR first.

StepManiaX Adds 11 Songs

As a part of the May 2020 update, owners of StepManiaX machines have new songs that they have access to for free. Those songs are: Bang Bang Bang (DCX); Dance Boom Boom (Tipsy & Tipsy); Flash in the Night (Flashman); Heo (Miss Papaya); Monolith (Affinity); Nightmoves (Playmaker); Senorita [Speedy Mix] (Jenny Rom); Typical Tropical (Bambee); Who R You (Leo Pigot); Whoopsy Daisy (Wolfgang Lohr & Balduin); & Young Forever (Rebecca). From the comments on the video, fans appear to be giving this update a big thumbs up. While the video gives previews of the songs, it also features some intros from the artists.

Exa-Arcadia Games Shipping Soon

ShouTime, the CEO of Exa-Arcadia, posted this tweet yesterday showing several titles for the Exa platform as ready to ship. I checked and there are still challenges with shipments thanks to the issues going on in Japan right now, but these are the games that we can expect to see shipped out through May & June:

– Gimmick! exAct Mix (Pre-order page)

Psyvariar Delta AC

Shikhondo Red Purgatory

– Nippon Marathon Turbo – Hyper Running

– Lightning Knights (Pre-order page)

Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack-

Fight of Gods – Arcade Edition

For those titles which don’t have a pre-order page open yet, I do imagine that the status will be changing soon. If you are interested in any of the particular games listed, just check back on their game pages frequently to see when the Pre-Order button is added.

Speaking of the Exa, I will be posting some updates and possibly some game footage from that next week to share some of the latest builds on the two games that I have.

What are your thoughts on these updates and upcoming titles?

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