Hot Wheels: King of the Road Adds Cameras

arcadehero July 8, 2020 0
Hot Wheels: King of the Road Adds Cameras

Way back in April (seems like centuries ago, given how this year has panned out), Adrenaline Amusements posted a short tweet promising new features coming to their Hot Wheels: King of the Road arcade game. Since that was still around the beginning of the shutdowns that affected millions of people and kept most of our industry closed, it was a tease that we had to wait on. The game was released at the end of last year, meaning that some units were able to find their way out into the wild before any talk of closures came about.

Today they finally pulled the curtain back on a big change that was referred to – the addition of cameras for live avatars during gameplay. The presence of two cameras is there to ensure capturing all of the players, as the cabinet (whether 4 or 6 player) gets pretty big. Here’s the trailer, although it uses stock photos for the pics as opposed to showing it be used live:

Per the website, this feature will be included on all new sales of the game; If you have a location that already has one of these games, upgrade kits are available (likely through any authorized Adrenaline distributor). Also as a note, this game was originally designed by Coin Crew for Adrenaline. What do you think about the inclusion of this feature?

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