UNIS Releases On Point Airsoft Gun/Video Game Hybrid

arcadehero July 28, 2020 0

Some games take a long time to find their way to certain markets, and that would certainly be the case with a title that we’ve discussed on the blog many times. Originally called GunArena and later released in Japan, it was a nice surprise to find out that the game was headed to the US market via UNIS at the last IAAPA. UNIS did a full-on marketing blitz to promote the game after that show, changing the name to On Point and taking it to events like CES and others.

While the game was supposed to have launched in April, the pandemic put that on ice for a while, but today I can confirm that the game is available and shipping to North America. First let’s take a look at the new promo video that that company uploaded to tout it, then we’ll get into some extra information:

As you saw at the end of the video, there is an enclosure structure available for the game to provide additional safety (when I saw this at IAAPA stray BBs were pretty infrequent, but could happen; that model had no enclosure). This enclosure can also be themed for an extra cost, fitting with the liking of the location.

On top of that, I received this new image from UNIS to show off the “Elite Park” configuration of the game. This provides an additional enclosure (which can also be themed to fit the venue) that holds between 4-6 linked units, and comes with a leaderboard kiosk on the outside. This setup is definitely for the FEC that wants to jump into eSports and promoting their games that way. This looks like a “turn-key” method to getting that kind of thing rolling; only the 4p version is shown:

For those interested in the game, you’ll need to contact your UNIS distributor for a lead time and price on the different configurations, but UNIS does have stock in the USA.

What do you think about this game from everything that you’ve seen (or if you got a chance to play it already)?

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