Golden Tee 2021 Prepping For Launch In September

arcadehero August 25, 2020 1
Golden Tee 2021 Prepping For Launch In September

It’s almost September, and despite the delays that most games have suffered due to the pandemic, Incredible Technologies has been moving full steam ahead on the release of their crown game – Golden Tee. The series has been launching the latest iteration of the world’s greatest golf game around the same time every fall, and they are going to be doing so again. Here’s the official trailer for what will be known as Golden Tee 2021:

If you would like to get a deeper look at the new courses, then here we go:

(Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there’s a Retro Raccoons machine in the background of the previews)

In adding more courses to the mix, this one will hit over 100 playable courses, along with new additions to existing game modes. I don’t believe that there are any new modes to be found here, although the focus on animals seems to be a new touch.

Of course we know going into this that Golden Tee is not going to be a graphics powerhouse, but I hope that some of the frame rate drops seen in some of the trailers and extended previews (particularly Hidden Temple) here are fixed by release. Something like this should easily be running at 60fps. That aside, I’m sure Golden Tee fans will be pleased whether that’s fixed or not, since this has more content packed into it than any other Golden Tee game in history.

The game will launch in two flavors: September will see the commercial LIVE version; October will see the Home Edition (which is one of the best selling arcade machines on the market, year-in, year-out). There are almost 20,000 existing Golden Tee units out there, so 2021 has plenty of potential cabinets to go into as an upgrade; although I do wonder how that number will have changed over the past few months.

What do you think about the next version of Golden Tee, from these previews?

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  1. Toby August 27, 2020 at 3:49 am - Reply

    My mouth is still open from those horrendous Golden Tee “graphics”.

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