UNIS Releases Crazy Ride, Space Invaders Counter Attack & Pogo Jump In North America

arcadehero November 19, 2020 0

This would have been a week full of new game announcements and videos were taken at IAAPA 2020. Since that was canceled, I wasn’t really expecting anything to discuss such games right now (although I did check with various manufacturers to see if they wanted to discuss anything, it’s still too early as lockdowns continue or re-open in certain places). My expectations were then subverted when I checked with UNIS on a couple of games.

At IAAPA 2019, there were two titles that were shown off for the first time – Crazy Ride and Space Invaders Counter Attack. Those games were eventually listed on UNIS’ website, but only under the “International” category and not the USA one. In checking with Steven Tan today, he confirmed that both games are in fact available for US locations to grab, among their many other recently announced titles.

Before getting into a refresher on these two games, Tan also stated that all of the Elite Park titles excepting Hyper Glider and Rowing Champs are also available, although they are not stocked, so expect a lead time between ordering and delivery. All of these changes are reflected on the Arcade Releases 2020 tracking page, with the Elite Park titles located under the “Other” tab. Also, note that I am hoping to get some footage of Formula Race soon as well.

Crazy Ride

In case you forgot about or missed the news on Crazy Ride, this is UNIS’ take on the Crazy Taxi style game, updated for today’s “ride-share” culture. It also adds an “app” on a second smaller screen and comes with seat motion.  I played this at IAAPA 2019, which you can watch here:

Space Invaders Counter Attack

This particular game was a surprise at IAAPA 2019, it being one of those games that weren’t announced in advance. The state of that model at the show was a bit early, but it also showed up in a more complete state at Amusement Expo 2020 in March (that’s the video below). This one works as either an amusement-only or redemption piece and has gameplay somewhat similar to Raw Thrills’ Space Invaders Frenzy. The twist is that when the invaders reach the bottom, they then turn into mechanical targets that march towards the player. You also use softball cannons that fire balls at the screen and targets, giving this one a little bit more feedback than you get with typical solenoid guns.

All-Star Pogo Jump

One game that popped up on the UNIS USA games site the other day was a recent reveal, that being the exergame Pogo Jump. This is one that I haven’t seen in person yet but marks the first of UNIS’ new focus on exergames as well as their new modular cabinet concept. The game uses a small trampoline for the controller, as you race the courses using a pogo stick. Note that using this new cabinet design, you can change the software and controller out for a different game down the road, presumably for a low cost.

Here’s a video of the Elite Park model, which is the same gameplay as non-Elite versions, just differing on the hardware presentation:

What do you think about these titles? Do you think that exergaming might be the future of amusement?

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