Newsbytes: Mobile Suit Gundam Card Game; Space Out; Space Invaders AR & More

arcadehero March 20, 2021 3

Welcome to another weekend, and with that, another Newsbytes. Let’s get to it!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Arsenal Base

Japan is well ahead of the West when it comes to card arcade games, although we’re slowly catching up in that regard. Still, this new Gundam card game is certainly looking sharp and will probably be a big hit, although it’s doubtful that we’ll get a chance to see it here.

American Pinball Launches How-To Series For Hot Wheels

If you want to improve your game at American Pinball’s Hot Wheels, then check out their YouTube channel, which has posted some tutorial videos on how to accomplish certain things in the game. This one is fun from what I played, although I don’t know how much changed/improved since I last saw it.

The Curious Case Of Space Out

Earlier this week, a reader of the site (I think he usually goes by Voltz, but correct me if I’m wrong!) made a post on the Arcade Collectors World-Wide Facebook Group about an odd game from the 1970s called Space Out. The machine was placed up for sale on the Facebook Marketplace for $1,000, but there was no info about it – anywhere. After the seller found the interest in being rather high, he’s called in some experts to check it out and it’s going for $3000 at the moment, as it may be a long-lost prototype.

There was some debate on the ACWW post about who made it, as it wasn’t clear off the bat, but one commenter said it looks like something from Project Support Engineering, whose most famous arcade production was Maneater. Looking at the cabinet from this pic, I could agree with that assessment. PSE generally didn’t make detailed marquees, and the blurry logo in the lower right of the marquee also looks like it could be them. The main giveaway however is the coin door – looking at this, it’s the same one as used on Knights In Armor and one of the Maneater models. When they might have made this though, who knows – a lot of games from the mid-70s were pretty rudimentary, but either way this one is a rarity and possibly a one-of-a-kind machine!

More Love For Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is now open in Japan, and the videos that have come along about it continue to impress.

Space Invaders AR

This isn’t something new for arcades, but Taito/Square Enix is certainly hoping that the flagship IP can become the next big thing in smartphone AR gaming and uses plenty of arcade nostalgia in this video to promote it:

MiSTerCade JAMMA Shipping Soon

I’ve often seen the “MiSTer” FPGA platform mentioned on social media, but I’ve never really looked at it. Now that it is going to work inside of existing JAMMA cabinets though, that can change. 🙂 This is a way to replace the game hardware in a cabinet, allowing one to play right on the ol’ CRT (if it still works for you). That said, I’ve seen some tweets suggesting there are still some issues to sort out with bugs and such, but if you’re interested in one, click here.

Revisiting Friction

10 years ago in April 2011, I got my hands on the then-new Friction arcade kit. It was a great performer and a fun game, although the main point of fault for it has been the I/O board. Still, I can use the game in attract mode so I figured why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit the title. I wonder if VenumSpyders, the game creator, would be open to selling the IP or not…

Celebrate Daytona USA

It’s not turning 10-20 or some other even number, but Sega also wanted to celebrate the release of Daytona USA with some awesome art this week:

Token Stacking

I have to admit, I didn’t think of this as more than a quick diversion, and while it took little time to do, it’s getting more comments than the videos I can spend hours on shooting & editing together. I guess that’s just how it goes 😛


Yu Suzuki, Katsuhiro Harada & Toshimichi Mori Reminisce About The Arcade [Japanese]

EAG Online 2021 Taking Place On April 20th & 21st

LAI Games’ New Product Showcase Postponed

On March 17th, 1939, The Pinball Prohibition Began In Illinois

We’ll end with a DIY Donkey Kong shelf that one can get from IKEA. Just add paint ‘n ladders and voila! (The tweet wouldn’t embed for some reason, so hyperlink it is)

BTW, I should have another Location Watch post soon, as more new-new places have recently opened their doors, so stay tuned this next week for that!


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