New Trailer Released For Axel City 2

arcadehero May 24, 2021 0
New Trailer Released For Axel City 2

Aside from Location Watch, last week was pretty quiet in arcade land, where I also didn’t really find enough to throw together for a Newsbytes – but this week will be different, so that’s a good sign! Let’s start with an update on a game we’ve heard little about since early 2019, a fighting game for the exA-Arcadia known as Axel City 2.

The last time we heard anything about this game was during the exA-Arcadia livestream at JAEPO 2019, which was held in January of that year. Since then I’ve had numerous people ask for updates on it, but there was nothing to share until today, when exA released this trailer below. I’ve not played the first game which was released to PCs back in 2007.

Per the game page on the exA website, this “brings together over 40 playable characters in a post apocalyptic world to determine who will survive!” It’s modeled after a 90s era fighter like you would find on the Neo Geo MVS (one reason for the 4:3 aspect ratio); Along that line, the game uses 4 action buttons, but if a cabinet has 5/6 wired up, those behave as shortcuts.

No release date has been mentioned for this aside from “2021,” although on the exA Games page, this and Rival Megagun XE had their spots bumped up to the top two rows. I’ll keep an eye on the Order page for when this (or anything else) pops up for pre-orders.

What are your thoughts on this one?

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