LAI Games Reveals More Details About Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade

arcadehero September 15, 2021 0

It was recently mentioned that LAI Games is working with IGS & Wahlap, representing their newest racing title, Asphalt 9 Legends, as the game comes to arcades. Today, we have a bit more news on this, so let’s jump into it. Thanks to Tabor at LAI for filling me in on this.

Up to this point, we knew that the game was receiving a motion simulator version, but what is new today is that it is also receiving a “Premium Model” release. What this means is that everything about the game will be the same – a 43″ HD screen, force feedback controls, wind jets, vibrating speakers, Facebook login, and global leaderboards – excepting the motion seat base. Here’s the cab:

We also know a little more about the controls. The steering wheel has a “360” button, which is used for the obvious stunt when pressed; The pedal which players might think is the brake is a Drift pedal, which makes sense. There is also a large Nitro button on the right.

As another note, this has a bunch of licensed supercars, 20 in total, and there are “4 unique game modes” and “4 real-world location courses.” The courses are San Francisco, Cairo, Shanghai, and The Caribbean. Unsure if there are multiple tracks found in these locations of if the game is just limited to four.

Here’s a new promo for the game that gets player feedback from the Dave & Busters test that we heard about a short time ago. This just focuses on the DX version, but I imagine that the Premium will get a strong reception too, from the looks of it.

Now for something extra. Additional tests have been taking place, and here are a couple of pics showing both the Premium and DX 5D models on test, at Dave & Busters and Andretti’s, respectively. Per the data that LAI has collected so far, they are seeing “very positive results” from these tests.

Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade at Dave & Busters The DX version at an undisclosed Andretti’s location:

The game is slated for a limited release on November 1st, where both models will be on display at LAI’s IAAPA 2021 booth (#1000), which also makes this the first confirmed game for IAAPA that I know of. Pricing will be through your local LAI distributor, although don’t be surprised if costs on this (and anything else) is a little higher than expected. I don’t know where A9 will be at as that wasn’t mentioned, but just throwing it out there as I keep hearing about rising prices, thanks to the continuing component shortage and inflation. Pricing continues to go up on just about everything out there, and that is including new video arcade games from every manufacturer I’ve heard of, and as mentioned yesterday, Stern’s latest pinball machines. I think it’s wise, especially now, to have two models launching at the same time, thus covering a wider span of of budgets instead of just one. Hopefully that particular trend continues.

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