Cosmic Digger 3671 Now Available For Arcades + News On New Location Test Games

arcadehero October 7, 2021 0
Cosmic Digger 3671 Now Available For Arcades + News On New Location Test Games

I’m going to do a “2fer” on this one, as the news would be pretty brief otherwise.

Cosmic Digger 3671 Now Shipping

The games released for 2021 expands a little, as does the library for the exA-Arcadia, as the quirky Cosmic Digger 3671 is now shipping and available for exA systems worldwide. If you missed previous news on this one, it is a modern remake of the obscure 1980 arcade game Heiankyo Alien, greatly increasing the speed of the game, and adding a bunch of stuff from 4-player support (it’s the 3rd 4-player game for the platform, following Lighting Knights and Nippon Marathon Turbo) to Jeff-Minter-style psychedelic graphics. I got to play this at Amusement Expo a few months ago and really enjoyed it – it had improved a bit from the CAX2018 version, particularly with the speed. I get that this game won’t be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but if you see it and have some friends with you, give it a try. If you’re an operator with a 4-player exA setup, then another nice thing about this is that the cost is below $900 on the kit, making it an affordable purchase. Here’s a new trailer for the game:

VR Agent, Bust-A-Move/Space Invaders Frenzy Spotted On Test

We’ve got some location test news on video for you to chew on, with a few interesting items that have popped up recently. First, VRAgent has been seen on test in the UK, where it makes sense that Sega is testing it out, while a dual version of Bust-A-Move & Space Invaders Frenzy was recently spotted in IL. I also discuss a pitched but never produced Star Trek light-gun shooter, then waste a bunch of time talking about the vitriol I attracted from talking positively about Moon Patrol and the Intellivision Amico. 😛

Other than that, we’ve got IAAPA approaching fast, so there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing about more new games soon…although I am expecting less in the realm of big new reveals this month and next than we usually see.

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