More Details Unveiled About Touch Magix’s Mega Blaster

arcadehero November 9, 2021 2

The next little while should be a little busy for the site thanks to IAAPA 2021, a tradeshow that begins next week in Orlando, where many new arcade pieces will be unveiled. While some companies prefer to surprise attendees before arriving, others don’t mind peeling the curtain back in advance, which is what we have with this post today.

Before I jump into that though, let me welcome Touch Magix back as an advertiser to the site. Ads help keep this site going, especially where some of the site issues lately seem to be pointing me towards upgrading some stuff on the backend to improve performance; That stuff isn’t free, and the more you upgrade, the more expensive it gets.

Anyways, back to the game that will debut at IAAPA 2021 – Mega Blaster. I did mention this recently, although at the time there was only a location test pic to go off of. Now, the company has posted a new product page for it to their site, where details are a bit more plentiful. Note that this is a videmption game, so the design considerations are tailored towards that style of play as opposed to a straight-up video piece. First, let’s take a look at the cabinet render:

One interesting note on the product page is that it uses 4K screens. I’d have to do some digging, but this might be the first 4K videmption game on the market (if it isn’t, it’s among the first – a lot of games both video and videmption are still using 1080p).

UPDATE: Just moments after posting this, Touch Magix uploaded a video:

The gameplay is simple as redemption games need to be: The player uses the pressure-sensitive TNT plunger to provide an amount of force that sends a glowing yellow marker up the building. The building is separated into a bunch of valued blocks; Where ever the market stops, that’s where the building explodes and the value is what the player wins in tickets. Most values are low, except the Bonus block which is what players will be aiming for. It’s quick gameplay, similar in play style to Bay Tek’s Hypernova.

The game will be on display at the Elaut USA booth next week (#1024), along with some of TM’s other videmption arcade pieces. One note is that their Ticket Pinball game has been postponed for now (possibly canceled), as they are focused on other concepts like this.

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  1. Ralph Tribl November 10, 2021 at 7:53 am - Reply

    So just a video version of ICE’s Whack N Win with a plunger instead of the mallet.

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