The Lyman Sheats Tribute Post

arcadehero January 24, 2022 0
The Lyman Sheats Tribute Post

It was suggested that I do a post just for Lyman Sheats and I have to agree – so let’s use this space to express your condolences for the passing of a master pinball wizard.

If you aren’t familiar with Lyman, let me quote from the Newsbytes post the other day:

Lyman was a giant in pinball, first as a professional player who had competed in and won many tournaments over the years. He was also a professional programmer, whose work included many pinball machines that you’ve likely heard about or played – Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Attack From Mars, Tales From the Crypt, AC/DC, TRON Legacy, Spider-man, The Walking Dead, and many more. I’ve heard many in the community say that he was the best pinball programmer in the world and one of the best players.

To expand on that, here he is showing off pinball on the Today Show way back in 1993:

Or playing Metallica:

Here’s a Q&A session he participated in a few years back:

If you search for “Lyman Sheats” on YouTube, there are many more vids that capture his talent and passion for pinball. All of that lives on in the games he contributed to on the design/programming side.

Here are some of the tributes that have been posted around the community:

Stern Pinball:

Chicago Gaming Company. Three of the games they’re remade were all titles Lyman had worked on.

American Pinball

Tribute over at

Tribute over at

Thread over at

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