Noisz Arc⌖Coda & Shadow Gangs X (exA-Arcadia) Now Available For Pre-Order

arcadehero April 13, 2022 0
Noisz Arc⌖Coda & Shadow Gangs X (exA-Arcadia) Now Available For Pre-Order

Two new titles are available for pre-order on the exA-Arcadia system as plug-n-play kits: Noisz Arc*Coda & Shadow Gangs X.


This unique hybrid rhythm/shoot ’em up game was recently on test at the Taito Hey in Japan where it achieved “#1 by a large margin,” enough to shock the operator who wasn’t expecting it to do that well. Per the game’s description:

With each level intricately scripted to the music, battles in NOISZ are a synesthetic experience unlike any other, merging the intensity of classic bullet hell shooter gameplay with an immersive rhythm mechanic that pulls you into every song! NOISZ ARC⌖CODA brings revamped, speedier gameplay aimed at delighting arcade players and operators alike, and features all content from NOISZ and NOISZ re:||VERSE as well as exclusive, blisteringly challenging new stages and songs. Includes A1 poster, marquee/header and instruction strip (Japanese and English).

This is the kind of fusion that I would expect to do well in a venue where you have a lot of rhythm gamers and shmup fans. It also supports TATE/Vertical screen mode. Here’s the trailer; Here’s the pre-order page (note that European customers can order from Red Sun Systems)

Shadow Gangs X

This game was also on test in Japan recently, where it’s performance was “pretty good” but not on the same level as Noisz. This one plays much like the first Shinobi and Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja, where the arcade version adds a female ninja character and alternating 2-player action. It’s pre-order page is here.

Note that these games are available worldwide wherever exA-Arcadia systems are foundWhat are your thoughts on these new titles?

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