More Details For Samurai Shodown V Perfect Unveiled As The Game Heads To Test

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More Details For Samurai Shodown V Perfect Unveiled As The Game Heads To Test

It’s been a little spell since we last talked about Samurai Shodown V Perfect but today new details were unveiled in Japan so lets dive into it! Much of this is taken from the release that was shared on but I have also added in some additional details that should be of interest to players here.

First, the game is headed to test in Japan on Thursday and run through the following Wednesday; They are also holding the test at two locations instead of one. The article notes that the violence settings might be set to off depending on the location, which brings us to our next point – a major difference on the game between the console release as well as the MVS bootleg out there and this definitive exA version.

Simply put, the violence – particular the “Overkill” fatalities which had been censored – have been restored to reflect what they were like for Samurai Shodown V Special. This can be shut off by the operator if they so desire, although for any that leave it on, this will certainly make SSVP the most violent game on todays market – although that’s still relatively tame compared to the gore and violence that can be encountered in many modern M-rated games.

Topping that off, more artwork from famed artist Shiroh Ohno has been revealed, including the new posters which will ship with the game. My thanks to exA for sending this my way:

As previously revealed, Ohno-san’s art would also grace the sides of the action on screen; Since the game preserves the original’s 4:3 aspect ratio, they fill in those sides with Ohno’s fantastic character art as opposed to big black bars or a logo. The art corresponds to the player that you pick, as you’ll see in the various new screenshots.

Samurai Showdown V Perfect for exA-ArcadiaThe press release also mentions new gameplay balancing, the ability for players to select their preferred button layout (for tjose used to different Neo Geo button layouts such as AES, standard MVS, non-standard MVS, etc.) (I believe this is an operator option and not a player one) , and low input lag, which should be at or around 1 frame, making it more responsive than the console version. I also know that the font face has changed, the “Engrish” cleaned up and storylines completed.

While a release date has not been mentioned yet, it is coming “soon” – definitely this summer. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the pre-order but I also am anticipating them giving this a similar treatment to what we saw with the two CAVE releases, namely that I expect to see multiple kit options such as a Limited Edition with more artwork, pop-up standees and the like. That hasn’t been confirmed by exA at all but given that they did so with CAVE and this is SNK (plus they’ve shown some SSVP pop-ups at a recent event in Japan), it’s logical that such an option would be there for this release.

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