Golden Tee PGA Tour Club House Edition Now Available To Pre-Order

arcadehero October 5, 2022 0

Back when I used to sell arcade machines, a decent chunk of my monthly sales went towards Namco’s latest Pac-Man multi-game piece and the latest Golden Tee model. While these occasionally went to a business, a good majority of the sales were to home users. While it’s unknown exactly how many total GT sales have gone to homes, it’s been a giant chunk, which equals a strong incentive for these companies to make a non-coin version of their games.

As such, there’s always a home version of Golden Tee, which comes out shortly after the commercial LIVE edition. Both versions are generally on parity with each other in terms of features, the home version only lacking the tournament/cash winning modes. With GT PGA Tour being out since earlier this year, now it’s time for the Home model to make it’s move, entitled Golden Tee PGA Tour Club House Edition.

The cabinet comes in two ‘flavors,’ neither of which comes with a monitor but it does require a 4K TV. The Deluxe model is pictured above and is pretty much the same thing as the commercial version minus a coin door (the cabinet and VESA mount are only for 55″ screens), while the Standard lacks the TV stand portion so it can easily work with an existing TV or projector. The email I saw stresses that you can’t add the TV stand to the standard after-the-fact:

Golden Tee PGA Tour Home edition standard

Either of these are available for pre-order from any IT authorized distributor and will begin shipping out on the 24th of this month. Quantities are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Spealing of home games, the home version of IT’s Arcade Collection has been shipping for a few weeks already; An update on the commercial model is it’s still a couple of weeks out but if you’re looking at one, it doesn’t hurt to place an order already.

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