Newsbytes: Dead Heat Unleashed; Pinball Expo 2022; Headlines

arcadehero October 23, 2022 1
Newsbytes: Dead Heat Unleashed; Pinball Expo 2022; Headlines

Welcome to Newsbytes, your sometimes weekly look at quick pieces of news from around the world of arcade & pinball. This week’s a little bit short but there are some things worth getting to before another week passes so let’s get to it:

Bandai Namco Has Been Testing Dead Heat Unleashed

Let’s start things off with a new arcade game in the works, a sequel to 2010’s Dead Heat by Bandai Namco Amusements. As far as I’m aware, the predecessor was a solid success, and this heats things up on the driver market (no pun intended) by increasing the alternatives – potentially being in a very good spot given where most arcade racers are at or above $20k per cab.  That will ultimately depend on how much a DHU goes for though. More details in the video:

Pinball Expo 2022

Another Pinball Expo has come and gone, with tons of videos from the event finding their way to YouTube. It’s too much to share, although the most prolific of the bunch that I have seen comes from the PinballNews channel. Here’s one I’ll cherry pick with Roger Sharpe:

Here’s some gameplay of Pinball Brothers’ QUEEN:

Retro Ralph tours the show floor:

As does Pinball News:

The Magic Girl game that never looked like it would see the light of day finally has, but only thanks to the enthusiasts. Here’s a seminar on the game’s history & resurrection.

Gary Stern hints at big changes coming to the future of pinball. Anyone care to guess what they might be?

Stern’s RUSH Development Team Talks About Their Game Design

Jersey Jack Talks Art & Animation

American Pinball Updates & Behind-The-Scenes

Looking At Taito Pinball – In Brazil

Talking Q*Bert

Homebrew pinball

I don’t think this particular video was filmed at Expo but the game was probably around there somewhere – Fight Club pinball

Naoki Maeda Speaks To Step ManiaX Fans

If you don’t know who Naoki Maeda is, then I take it you aren’t a fan of DDR. Otherwise, this might be of interest to you:

Indie Arcade Wave Highlights New Indie Arcade Game: Crab Volleyball

I’ve wanted to see more sports games and even if they’re quirky, why not?


Quite The Arcade Collection Is Up For Sale In CA

Golden Tee Home Edition Is Now Available

Dave & Busters Takes A New Approach To Training New Hires

The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance For Arcade Machines

Another Claim For World’s Largest Arcade Machine – I’m not disputing that these are large but an I skeptical of them being “the world’s largest” or “largest ever,” as there are many contenders

Nintendo’s Original HQ In Kyoto, Japan Have Been Turned Into A Boutique Hotel

[Console] The Silent Hill Livestream (in case you missed it)

[Console] Sony Has Bold Expectations For The PSVR2

[Console] Platinum Games Refutes The Claim Of Offering A Small Sum For VO In Bayonetta 3 

[Console] Dariusburst CS Core + Taito/Sega Coming To Switch

[Console] Capcom’s 1942 Is Being Ported To The Atari 7800

[Tech] Looking At the “Never-Obsolete” eMachine PC From 2000

That’s all for this time – have a great week out there!

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  1. Ralph October 26, 2022 at 8:17 am - Reply

    Dead Heat-(non-keypad version)It did OK in my arcade. Problem with it was only 4 tracks, no high score saving, no stat tracking, so kind of very little replay value. Main problem (besides a pain to replace the force feedback belts) was the system over-driving the LEDs on the sides and on back of the seat. They (sections) would be out the next week after replacing them. Hopefully the new one is better.

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