Bandai Namco Announces First Online Champion Match For Maximum Tune 5DX+

arcadehero June 7, 2023 0

Note: This news only applies to Maximum Tune 5DX+ machines connected to Namco’s North American network. It does not apply to the “International Version” that is found in parts like Australia/SouthEast Asia, nor Japan.

As one of the few arcade games connected to the internet, Maximum Tune 5DX+ comes with some perks, mainly in offering players a cloud account to track their progress & builds, while being able to challenge other users’ ghosts from around the world. Another perk, although this one happens with less frequency, is the ability for Bandai Namco to operate nationwide tournaments. They’ve done a few events since the game was released just as MT5 in 2017, but today’s announcement  is being billed as the first “Online Championship Match” for the 5DX+ upgrade.

Maximum Tune 5DX+ event

The full press release is below but the quick version is: Qualifiers start on June 14th and go through July 9th; The Main Event starts on July 9th and goes to July 23rd. You can earn on of 4 name plates by participating in a short mini-game. The grand prize will go out to the top 100 players, being a Pegasus name plate.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX PLUS First  OCM Event!

Starting June 14th , 2023, the North American Maximum Tune community will be able to participate in their first Online Champion Match to earn exclusive rewards. The qualifier runs from (8:00am CDT) June 14 th through (5:00am CDT) July 9th , and the main draw will continue (at 8:00am CDT) on July 9th until (10:00pm CDT on) July 23rd . After each race during the qualifying rounds, you have a chance of receiving one of four different name plate designs after participating in a short mini-game. As the main event proceeds, all participants (regardless of their rank) will receive a participation name plate, though only the top 100 players will receive
the event special Pegasus plate.

Maintenance will occur every day at 1:45am CDT and 7:45am CDT for 15 minutes while the event is running to update the machines with the latest rankings. You cannot participate in the OCM while the rankings are being tallied. WMMT 5DX+ units connected to the internet will be updated with the latest event promotion info starting June 7th , 2023, and update as the event proceeds.

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