GoldStorm Pirates Seen On Test In The USA

arcadehero June 23, 2023 1

Disclaimer: The game discussed in this article is a prototype which has been seen on location test. This means that the final production model will likely change OR it might not even be released at all. As such, reserve your final judgments for later. Thanks to Eric M. for the tip.

When the sequel to DeadStorm Pirates was seen on location test over in Japan last month, it was a big surprise. As we also learned, it was very early, with the game likely not coming out until next year (assuming it passes testing). Because of that delay, we weren’t expecting it to pop up here until much later – but surprise, that isn’t the case!

Spotted by a reader at the Dave & Busters in Addison, IL (a site that frequently enjoys location tests), GoldStorm Pirates is currently testing in the USA. I’m not sure if this is being tried out at other locations nor how long this test will last, but the tipster did say that they only saw two levels. They liked what they played but didn’t say much more than that.

GoldStorm Pirates by Bandai Namco

From this above sighting, the drapes on the sides are not present here as they were with the JP test, and they unsurprisingly appear to have added some yellow LED t-molding to certain edges for better prominence and viability chances in Western arcades; otherwise, it appears to be the same game, with the motion and other effects.

Also of note, this is not the only game on test at this location at the moment – Hyper Cross by IGS & Baohui is also on hand. That has already been seen on test out West, but over in Europe, at a location where Sega Amusements operate and tend to test out new games. So it’s very possible they’re the ones who are testing it at D&B Addison too.

If you get a chance to try either of these out, let us know how they play, and what you think about GoldStorm Pirates! 

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  1. Do October 11, 2023 at 4:23 am - Reply

    Gold Strom can support with Bana assport card Service at USA version

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