IAAPA 2023: Andamiro USA Previews Their Booth

arcadehero November 9, 2023 0
IAAPA 2023: Andamiro USA Previews Their Booth

We only have a few days left until the doors open up for IAAPA 2023, and that means more previews! This one is for Andamiro USA, and they have a wide selection of games to look over, so let’s jump in.

Pump It Up Phoenix 2023

This was released back in August but I’ve yet to come across one. That will change at this show, where the latest software will also be showcased alongside a PIU event. I assume that means I’ll run into some old friends who will be there to show it off. Anyone interested in a two-sided flyer for this, click here [PDF].

Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix by Andamiro, LX cabinet

Bobblehead Baseball VS

Andamiro will introduce a new two player version of their video baseball game, now allowing for two players to compete. It even has a non-ticket mode, making this the first video arcade baseball game we’ve seen in years. The last I recall was Sega’s MLB Card Gen, but that was limited to Japan. This redoes the three-button scheme to be something more traditional (flat on the panel, instead of the unusual setup that the first model came with).

Bobblehead Baseball VS by Andamiro USA

Crazy Toy 31″

Andamiro is jumping into the fray of crane machines for the first time, introducing this Crazy Toy crane that is available in two flavors – Standard or Clear.

Crazy Toy cranes


Guardians of the Galaxy Ticket Coaster

Here’s a new skin for Andamiro’s SpongeBob Ticket Coaster, made for redemption, although it has been at Dave & Busters for some time now. I was told by a distributor that this might not see a wide release anytime soon, but Andamiro says otherwise. We’ll get more info at the show, but expect it to play like the SpongeBob version.

Guardians of the Galaxy Ticket Coaster by Andamiro USA

Super Star 2

An early version of this sequel merchandizer was at Andamiro’s Amusement Expo 2023 booth. Now it’s ready for the big time, using Andamiro’s Ticket Man character:

Super Star 2 merchandizer

Spider-Man Coin Slinger

Spider-man has graced arcades in various styles before, now it’s a coin pusher where you fire coins from Spidey’s palms. Just like you are web slinging (but with coins).

Spider-man coin pusher by Andamiro USA

SpongeBob Squarepants VR Bubble Coaster, Tic Shaq Toe

To sum up some other products that will be there, we have the games mentioned above that you can see from my booth tour below.

I’ll have an IAAPA 2023 booth tour for you for Andamiro and others – stay tuned!

Which of these games are you interested in?


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