Polycade Kickstarts Their New Sente Model

arcadehero November 28, 2023 0

I almost missed this news since I’ve been so hyper-focused on tradeshows, but Polycade has been running a Kickstarter campaign for the next model of cabinet on their digital distribution platform. Called the Polycade Sente, this upgraded redesign promised to be their best model yet. Let’s take a deeper dive.

The Polycade Platform

I’ve covered the Polycade at various times in the past, but in case you haven’t heard about it before, here’s a quick recap.

It is a modular hardware system, running Polycade’s digital distribution service to deliver the games. This allows them to license the titles for appropriate use, which does include commercial options. Here is the cabinet as seen at IAAPA 2019:

While most of the content has been licensed, they did have some timed exclusives for it in the past.

The Polycade Sente

The model you see above was called the Lux. The new model that is at the center of the present crowdfunding campaign is called the Sente. This is a nod to the Bally Sente, which was originally created by Nolan Bushnell as a modular arcade platform. Tyler Bushnell, one of Nolan’s sons, is the CEO of Polycade and found it to be a fitting idea since the new model is even more modular than before.

Polycade Sente Black Model

The machine can be mounted to a wall as pictured, or there is a stand for it. It is also cheaper than the Lux – it almost feels weird hearing that a machine is coming in at a lower price these days. I’ve gotten used to all of the increases.

Here’s a video that explains and shows more:

The Sente is mainly being targeted towards home use and commercial free play situations. They are working on a commercial pay-to-play solution for the Sente but that will be announced later next year. I was still curious about how that works with this being so modular however, and Ron at Polycade said:

Swap out panels are bolted from underneath with access from the front door that locks.

You won’t want any of the magnetic stuff in a venue but if this is setup at home, have at it.

The Kickstarter ends in 8 days (12/7), with the page mentioning fulfillment by March 2024. It does sound like that is when they’ll then roll out plans for the full pay-to-play models, perhaps just in time for Amusement Expo.

What do you think about this redesign?

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