Pre-orders Now Available For Project Neon [Neo Geo AES/MVS]

arcadehero January 21, 2024 0
Pre-orders Now Available For Project Neon [Neo Geo AES/MVS]

Anyone here remember a shoot ’em up game by the name of Project NEON? If not, you can be forgiven – the last time we reported on this new Neo Geo game was back in 2019. That feels like a life time ago at this point. Well, we finally have some news, so lets dive in.

Project NEON – The Game

Project NEON is a TATE-style shoot ’em up developed by Fullset, designed with classic & modern elements in mind. That includes 60FPS graphics with animated sprites and parallax scrolling; Five levels packed with bad guys and giant bosses; Tight zero input lag controls; Co-op play; Full TATE support (operators can switch between the two display styles). It’s available for both the AES home system as well as the MVS coin-op system.

Here’s the game operating in TATE mode glory:

Project NEON Pre-orders

After a long development period, the game is finally available to pre-order for those who own either SNK-made system. Pricing is the same between the editions as you’ll notice, and there are two versions for each platform. I’ll get into the details on that after the links.

The Standard AES version comes with a printed, professional box; A snap box with full color insert; A manual; A digital copy of the game’s soundtrack; And a wallpaper for mobile/desktop. The MVS version does not come with the manual or snap box/insert.

Project NEON screenshot

The Collector’s Edition has everything from the standard plus a Project NEON coffee cup & T-Shirt; A printed sticker set (showing the game sprites); and printed accessories kit (instruction sheet, an A3 poster and A4 marquee). The Collector’s MVS edition is similar, although in place of the snap box/insert, it comes with a “shockbox storage case.”

Carts are expected to begin shipping to customers who pre-order now by March/April. When it launches, we’ll move it into the released category, although probably the limited release one. To keep up to date with them, there is their official website along with their X account.

What do you think about this one? Is this one you’d grab for your collection or to use on-site (for those still operating MVS cabs)?

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