Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR Is Now Available

arcadehero March 26, 2024 0
Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR Is Now Available

The King of Monsters has been sweeping the pop culture scene lately, although there is good reason for that. I went into Godzilla Minus One expecting a dumb monster action flick, but came out surprised and a little shocked. It was the best movie I’d seen that year (although I did miss out on Oppenheimer). I don’t expect that from Godzilla Vs. Kong 2 (something ironically mirrored with Raw Thrills also offering King Kong VR), but either way, people are big into kaiju right now.

Today, I can confirm that Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR is shipping to the arcade market. This isn’t exactly a surprise, as a couple of locations already have one, and we already had an ETA on this game of March. This does serve as official confirmation coming from Raw Thrills, however.

What is Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR?

In case you’re new to the story, the game first debuted at a kaiju-sized tradeshow last year, IAAPA 2023. It has appeared at other trade show events since, such as Amusement Expo 2024 last week. At present there are only two levels shipping with the game – the same two that were available at the shows – but eventually five will be available. These will also be free to the location, their cost being included in the purchase. Raw Thrills hasn’t stated when the next stage will be released, but I’m sure they’ll make some noise about it when that time comes.

If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, it’s kind of like Sega’s Gunblade N.Y., except you’re shooting hordes of creatures and kaiju instead of terrorists in an urban environment. The VR aspect does change it some, although I think the mounted guns end up being more intuitive to use than most VR controls.

Godzilla Kaiju Wars VRn

Could this be Raw Thrills’ next earnings leader? We’ll see soon enough. Would you like to see Godzilla Kaiju Wars VR on location near you?

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