Taito’s Space Invaders Gigamax Comes To America As A Round1USA Exclusive

arcadehero April 10, 2024 0

Long-time readers of the site might remember a story from a few years ago regarding an enormous version of Taito’s signature arcade game being released in Japan. Space Invaders Gigamax is a mighty impressive piece of arcade gaming, especially when projected onto the side of a building. Now, Americans will get to enjoy the experience, thanks to Round1USA.

What Is Space Invaders Gigamax?

For a quick refresher, SIG was created to celebrate 40 years of Space Invaders. A version was released to the Nintendo Switch, but it was truly designed for large-scale, location-based events. Taito has set it up at trade show events like JAEPO, but real estate space being what it is in Japan, I’m not aware of it showing up at any Taito Station or other game center out there. It really nails the competitive social gaming trend, and has no trouble drawing attention to itself. I’m surprised we haven’t seen Namco do this with Pac-Man yet (although there is the World’s Largest Pac-Man).

Gigamax Invades Texas

Earlier today, a Round1USA location in Texas installed the game, with news quickly spreading around social media. Thanks to Egonmiro on the AH Discord, we have a look at what it offers (he says this was shared on a friend’s Facebook story):

Space Invaders Gigamax US version at Round1USA

As you can see, this has been specially designed for Round1 locations. I believe the black box in the center is where the projector is housed. It’s also nice to see the games on the side so you can get a feel for how huge this setup is.

I did some checking and yes this is official. As far as I know, it’s the first “arcadified” version of the game. This design will be appearing at “around 30” R1USA locations. It isn’t known when those locations will get it, but I imagine it should be before the summer kicks into high gear. For an update, this version is also setup for redemption play, so in a sense its like a massive Space Invaders Frenzy.

The main factor in whether or not they’ll have one appears to be floor space – which makes sense. There are six player stations (hence it saying “Gigamax 6”). While that is not as many Pac-Man Chompionship DX or Killer Queen Arcade, the size alone makes it an attraction. It also gives players more space to themselves, with each station giving you some room. I just wonder how simple/hard it is to follow your tank.

Would you make the trip to a Round1USA location to play this?


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