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Voxon Photonics Releases The Z3D Volumetric Display Home Arcade Machine

Voxon Photonics Releases The Z3D Volumetric Display Home Arcade Machine

arcadehero June 26, 2019 1

While flat & head-mounted displays soak up most of the attention for new products in the arcade sector, the existence of alternate forms of display tech catch our attention from time to time. One

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Peter Hirschberg's Luna City Arcade up for sale

Shaggy March 6, 2010 0

There are a lot of cool home arcades out there but few have attracted as much attention as Peter Hirschberg’s Luna City Arcade. He has built-up one of the finest collection of vector titles

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Street Fighter IV PC Dilemma

Twisted Supreme July 13, 2009 13

So I picked this up on release a few weeks ago. I’d been waiting for the PC release because I have an X-Arcade stick and was looking forward to having the “arcade experience” at

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Dream Arcades releases the Dreamcade Impact cabinet just for fighter games

Shaggy February 12, 2009 4

Street Fighter IV will be out for the consoles in just a few short days and while you could go and buy the Mad Catz sticks to get that supposedly authentic arcade experience, the company

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My new favourite home arcade

Twisted Supreme September 2, 2008 0

Beer and games. They go hand in hand right? Well what do you do when you want to combine your too favourite past times? You do this…. That’s right, you build a bar for

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Retro Space pays homage to Computer Space

Twisted Supreme August 18, 2008 0

Yeah, yeah yeah, another home arcade cabinet. This one however pays homage to a particular game known as Computer Space. It’s not completely identical to the 1970’s classic, but there’s enough there to evoke

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New Surface Tension table

Twisted Supreme July 17, 2008 0

For those of you who read the site way back when, you may remember a company called Surface Tension. They make, by far, the coolest home arcade tables you have ever seen. Well there is

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9 Home Gaming Setups Better Than Yours

Twisted Supreme March 18, 2008 0

Now, I admit not all of these are completely arcade related, but these gaming rooms have to be seen to be believed. Personally the ones that look like luxury cinemas don’t do it for

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Another retro home arcade cabinet

Twisted Supreme March 5, 2008 0

There must be the demand out there because there seems to be an endless amount of these types of cabinet being produced. I pretty sure I haven’t covered this one before, apologies if I

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Forbes – Arcade Games Make A Comeback

Twisted Supreme March 4, 2008 1

  This was spotted by the guys over at Barcade. Forbes has recently posted an article about the popularity of people buying old school arcade cabinets for thier home. I’m sure you’ll all agree;

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Argos Selling Retro Cocktail Cabinet

Twisted Supreme November 5, 2007 2

This just shows that there is still an interest in arcade gaming out there, be it retro, over wise Argos (a big UK retailer) would not be selling this beauty. [via Arcade Lounge] Retro-gaming certainly has

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