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Twisted Supreme March 10, 2008 0

Last week we had mums fighting for thier kids to play arcade games, Japanese fighting to play SF4 (well the would fight if they weren’t so polite) and we had the Conservatives fighting for arcades. Hit the break to see all of last weeks stories.

Moms get into fight over arcade game at Chuck E. Cheese

Initial D 4 coming to PS3

Forbes – Arcade Games Make A Comeback

Tank Adventure and Drum Party

Missing in Action: Scrolling Fighters

Anti-violent video game laws brewing in state legislatures – what effect on coin-op?

The Eat Me LED pegboard design project

The Matrix Arcade cabinet

UK Conservatives Want to Help Struggling Arcades

Barcade’s Blazing Angels Review

Another retro home arcade cabinet

Rugby Air Hockey anyone?

Disney Quest NOT Closing!

An arcade by women for women

Sega not for sale

Sega Race TV already getting an update

Midway turns to Out-of-Home to secure line of credit

KOF’98 UM Official Site

Taito launches re-branding effort

Games we’re glad to have missed: Tattoo Assassins

Street Fighter IV breaking test site records in Japan

Street Fighter IV pricing (in Japan)

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