Big Buck Hunter Championship XV Feeds; More Fast & Furious Arcade Media

arcadehero October 11, 2022 1

Sorry about the site issue for the past couple of days – fortunately it’s now been resolved but it always sucks when the site is down. Anyways, moving on from that and back into arcade news, let’s catch up with some more Raw Thrills stuff.

Big Buck Hunter Championship VX Livestreams

I really need to attend one of these events (as press – I don’t think I’m able to compete as an operator anyways) but for all of those who can’t make the trip to Chicago this Friday & Saturday, Raw Thrills will be livestreaming the next Big Buck Hunter Championship on Twitch and YouTube. Here are the embeds for those interested:

More Fast & Furious Arcade Media

Yesterday right after the site crashed, I’d been sent some more media for the latest arcade game to hit the market, Raw Thrills’ Fast & Furious Arcade. Now that the site’s back, here you go; We start with the flyer then some screenshots:

The screenshots here are the same ones found on the RT website but they don’t have the giant FNF logo on them. I also reduced the size on a couple of them that were 2160px tall to save on some space…

As mentioned in a follow-up, Fast & Furious Arcade is available now but it is very limited in quantity, with more units becoming available as we get into November.

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  1. Federico Read October 12, 2022 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Hey Adam, fellow “operator” here.

    I will be competing in this tournament. The event itself is free for anyone to enter regardless of whether or not you’re competing, however there is a VIP section that is restricted to competitors and people who paid for a bracelet.

    I do recall there being some rule against operators competing, but I recently went over the rules for qualifying this year and I didn’t see anything that mentions such a rule. I am an “operator” in the eyes of CoinUp, even though my machine is noncommercial. That being said, there are plenty of people who did, or at least used to, operate a machine in a public place and they were allowed to compete. However it’s usually only one machine in this case, which is very different from your situation. This was also before qualifying became available for home units, although there are a few players who still operate their own machines in public places and qualify on them. As a matter of fact, the current champion is an operator. He has a machine in a bar and he plays there, alongside a lot of other people.

    TL;DR: Operators can qualify for, and compete in, the tournament, but they can still come to the event without the intention to do so. Just wanted to clear that up.

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