More Details Unveiled On Raw Thrills’ Fast & Furious Arcade

arcadehero October 7, 2022 0
More Details Unveiled On Raw Thrills’ Fast & Furious Arcade

Those looking forward to Raw Thrills’ next racer can rejoice, as we have more details to share thanks to the launch of a product page on Raw Thrills’ main website. 100 units have initially been produced with a larger batch being produced next month; In discussing with Raw Thrills, we could say it’s officially out now but depending on where operators are in the ordering line, it might take as long as December to receive it.

First off, we get the Attract Mode trailer, which gives us our first look at the game from a direct capture point of view. Up to this point, we’ve only had muddy phone video to work with of the game being played at some trade shows:

Next is a new cabinet shot. While they’ve only shown it as a pair, cabinets are available individually and are available in 4 colors: red, orange, neon green and neon yellow. Here are all the colors from both of the cabinet images floating around out there:

Fast & Furious Arcade by Raw Thrills

Fast & Furious Arcade by Raw Thrills, dual modelThe product page also features a manual and some dimensions info; Here are what I assume will be the final in-game stats; Unknown if there are any unlockable secret cars or what all of the mission are (since they’re secret):

-Secret Missions!!!
-6 Wild Tracks!!!
-Link up to 8 Games!!!!
-Incredible DRIFTING !!!!
-Shortcuts Galore!!!
-8 Super Cars!!!
-QR Code Stats!!!

With the game page now going live, I would not be surprised to learn that units are shipping to those who placed their order – in fact one location has already shown up on the High Scores page for F&F. I haven’t been able to confirm this yet though so I’ll hold off on saying it’s been released until that confirmation is live. Still, it tends to take weeks to get games after you order them so if you are interested in this and have the budget(or get approved on a leasing deal), there’s no time like the present to jump on it now.

For any gamers out there, what are your thoughts on this game?

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