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Our main purpose: To report on news about the video arcade / pinball / out-of-home entertainment world. Some opinion and observations are interjected on occasion as well.

Our History: Arcade Heroes was started on December 3rd 2006 by a couple of arcade enthusiasts who saw the blogosphere as an opportunity to give people a source of news for the arcade industry. Support for covering arcades had almost completely dried up in game magazine circles and mainstream gaming websites would only give industry news a brief mention, without diving into detail. As such, there was very little to find in the way of news for coin-op video gaming. You could find news for specific genres if you knew where to look but no one was really covering the news for the sector at large and that needed to change.

The site first started off with two members, who wrote articles under the aliases Pointything and Twisted Supreme, both based in the UK. It wasn’t long after the site started that the premier arcade industry newsletter, The Stinger Report headed by industry expert Kevin Williams, began to contribute stories and articles to AH. Stories and links provided by Stinger Report are accompanied by the Stinger Report banner in every post and they have sent in over 1300 newsfeeds at the time of this writing.  In April 2007 Shaggy joined the editorial team and was followed that year by MetaFox and SaraAB87, all three of whom are in the US. The latter two have stopped posting to the site but Twisted and Shaggy were joined by UK poster Heavy Electricity in February 2008, who ran articles for a couple of years before he moved on to write for Retro Gamer Magazine. Each post features the title of the author underneath the headline in case you are curious as to who is posting what.

Other major contributors have included Phil Arrington (US), Aaron Auzins (US), Eric ‘ECM’ Mylonas (US), Chaos (US), Ted Haydon (UK) and Shinichi Ogasawara (Japan); as well as marketing directors from every company involved in producing games in the arcade industry. We also would like to thank everyone who has provided tips to us in the past. We additionally appreciate it when sites who discuss the news we break give us credit for it as that is simple netiquette.

In May 2010, the ownership of the website was transferred over to Shaggy, aka Adam Pratt. In addition to being an avid arcade fan, he also owns and operates his own arcade location in West Valley City, Utah called The Game Grid Arcade, thus providing a perspective to arcade news from the point-of-view of a player and an operator.  Arcade Heroes has continued to provide news about coin-operated video games, pinball machines, new arcade locations, arcade game reviews and more. Where other game sites choose to ignore arcade releases unless it happens to carry some big name with it like Guitar Hero or Mario Kart, we seek to cover everything, even if it is obscure.

If you want to contact us with a tip to another story or if you wish to share with us other useful information for the site (it must be arcade-related – sorry, we aren’t in the business of covering other types of news that are completely separate, i.e. mobile games), you can contact us @ arcadeheroes@hotmail.co.uk. You can also contact Shaggy directly using the contact form on the site here.

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